American Indian Stories (Sat, Oct 7, 1:30pm)

Oct 7, 2017 from 1:30 pm to 3:24 pm
ArcLight Cinemas - La Jolla, San Diego, CA
Event Summary

American Indian Tract (1hr 19 min)

From a super hero brought to life by a grandfather to a father and son reconnecting, to the darkest corners of American History, these short films tell authentic stories of Native American life.





Director: Molly Katagiri

Producer:Tammy Hollingsworth

Cast: Ethan Engberg, Saginaw Grant, Aaricka Carlson, Stephanie Thompson, Curtis Gokee

Synopsis: Twelve year-old Rabbit spends most of his days, drawing, collecting comics, and avoiding the teasing of his peers. Insecure and shy, Rabbit dreads dancing in the upcoming powwow and begins to draw Waabooz, a superhero that embodies his desired self; bold and unafraid. Through traditional storytelling, imagination and a little magic, Rabbit’s mysterious Grandfather helps bring Waabooz to life.


Five Dollars

Director: Ty Coughenour

Producers: Ty Coughenour, Jess Grant

Cast: Ben Leiataua, Hunter Eller, Drew Highlands, Peter Wiant, George Black Crow

Synopsis: A father tries to rekindle a relationship with his 9-year- old son while he watches over him for the Summer on a rural ranch in Washington state. While trying to connect, the two of them encounter an unforeseen threat that can end both of their lives.


In the Beginning was Water and Sky


Director: Ryan Ward

Producer: Mackenzie Gruer

Cast: Norma-Sue Hill, Shohnáhose Davin Bomberry, Carter Simon, Jenna Rose Clause, James Levesque, Harrison Stewart, Cheryl De Luca

Synopsis: A haunting and visually stunning fairytale that blends fantasy and real life events. Two Native American children navigate the dark corners of American history trying to find their way back to a home that may be lost forever.


Lost Face

Director: Sean Meehan

Producer: Sam McGarry

Cast: Martin Dubreuil, Gerald Auger, Morris Birdyellowhead

Synopsis: Russian America. The mid 1800’s. Fur thief Subienkow must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him. He calls over the chief, Makamuk, and begins to bargain...



Director: Douglas Cushnie

Producer: Shanshan Sun

Cast: Nitzia Chama, Andoni Gracia

Synopsis: Early 1800's: Isadora, an Indigenous Californian (Gabrielino/Tongva) woman, faces a battle to survive after being emancipated from the abusive Los Angeles mission where she was raised. She's helped by Domingo, a Franciscan friar, on the journey to bring her to a Native village where she can finally be safe.

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ArcLight Cinemas - La Jolla
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Oct 7, 2017 from 1:30 pm to 3:24 pm
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