Heart of a Soldier (Sun, Oct 8, 11:00am)

Oct 8, 2017 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
United Artists Horton Plaza 8, San Diego, CA
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Heart of a Solider (1hr 17min)

Trauma of war doesn’t end when the guns stop firing.





DirectorSpencer Currie

Producers: Gary Plummer

Cast: Gary Plummer, Drew Macias, Kristine Veta

Synopsis: When Pat Connell ( Drew Macias ) a hopeless dreamer obsessed with his place in the stars, convinces his best friend, Adam Stevens, ( Gary Plummer ) a once hard-driven staff sergeant now tied down by his duty as father and husband, to re-enlist for another tour in Afghanistan against Adam's wishes, Pat could have never expected how disastrously it would have gone. On a routine mission that goes south, the two end up stranded behind enemy lines where they must come to grips with the sacrifice they made and rely solely on each other, despite boiling tension, to make it to safety or else face inevitable death



Director: Amanda Larsh

Producers: Amanda Larsh

Cast: Lara McKinley, Michelle McKinley, Daniel McKinley-Lev

Synopsis: Exploring the relationship between woman and dog, “Corpsman” shows the impact a service dog has on one woman’s ability to heal from the physical and moral injuries of war.


One Halloween

Director: Rebecca Murga

Producers: Karen Kraft, Nic Novicki, Tom McCafferty

Cast: Joey Banegas, Kelsy Sandoval, Rosie Moss, Manuel E. Urrego, Allegra Acosta, Valentina Acosta

Synopsis: ONE HALLOWEEN is a short film that follows a Soldier, through one Halloween night as he tries to connect with his 10-year-old daughter after returning home from being injured in the war. As the two find out how to be father and daughter again, they learn lessons about friendship and family. ONE HALLOWEEN provides a realistic, touching and dramatic insight into the complex challenges that veterans coming from war zones face, as they seek to reintegrate in their lives back home. This short film stars Joey Banegas, a bronze star and Afghanistan war veteran, and features three veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who were injured in combat.


Tango on the Balcony

Director: Minos Papas

Producers: Minos Papas, Michael Day, Liz Sargent

Cast: Aristotle Stamat, Giuseppe Bausilio, Hakan Tolga Polat

Synopsis: TANGO ON THE BALCONY is a narrative short film about Johnny, an Iraq war veteran who wrestles with post traumatic stress and the transition to civilian life. Johnny is tormented by an incessant hyper vigilance and insomnia, and the lingering questions of his past actions in combat.


Wandering Soul

Director: Josh Tanner

Producers: Jade van der Lei

Cast: Lap Phan, Henry Vo

Synopsis: A Viet Cong soldier stationed in the claustrophobic tunnels of Cu Chi during the Vietnam War finds himself haunted by the ghost of a fallen comrade after the burial ceremony is compromised.


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United Artists Horton Plaza 8
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Oct 8, 2017 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
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