Poisoning Paradise (Fri, Oct 6, 3:00pm)

Oct 6, 2017 from 3:00 pm to 4:35 pm
United Artists Horton Plaza 8, San Diego, CA
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60 min


Q&A following screening with filmmakers Keely Shaye Brosnan and Teresa Tico

Directors: Keely Shaye Brosnan, Teresa Tico

Producers: Keely Shaye Brosnan, Teresa Tico

Cast: Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, Andrea Brower, PhD, Eric Chivian, MD, Sylvia Earle, PhD, Brenda Eskenazi MA, PhD, Lee Evslin, MD, Gary Hooser, Robert Kennedy Jr, Andrew Kimbrell, Lorrin Pang, MD, Bradley Peterson, MD, Fern Rosenstiel, Vandana Shiva, PhD.

Synopsis: Journey to the seemingly idyllic world of Native Hawaiians, whose communities are surrounded by experimental test sites for genetically engineered seed corn and pesticides sprayed upwind of their homes, schools, hospitals, and shorelines. Discover what’s at stake for Hawaii from local activists, scientific experts and healthcare professionals as they expose the effects of environmental injustice on a local population. Join the international debate about pesticides that is raging around the world, as well as the people’s movement to hold corporations and governments accountable for poisoning planet Earth.

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United Artists Horton Plaza 8
475 Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA, 92101

Oct 6, 2017 from 3:00 pm to 4:35 pm
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