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Local craft filmmaking at its best. Q&A with filmmakers after screening
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71 min.

Q&A with filmmakers after screening


Entrenched: Prologue

Director: Ray Gallardo

Producers: Jayce Venditti, Jane Hare, Ray Gallardo

Cast: Jayce Venditti (Uncle’s, The Sound Of Silence, Bodega Bay), George Jac (South of 8, Soldiers of Misfortune, Fletcher and Jenks), Chloe Catherine Kim (A Christmas Arrangement, High Voltage, Electric Love),  Alexander Robinson (The Hat: Viral Spots, South of 8, The Waze Runner), Ron Christopher Jones (Blood Will Have Blood, Pursuit, The List)

Synopsis: Brotherhood, family, combat and the complex interconnections that make us human. “Entrenched Prologue” is the story of two Special Operations forces (SOF) operators from an undisclosed unit, Dominic Turmalino and Frankie Robinson,  who are about to embark on a life-changing mission while one decide to hold onto a secret.


The Gospel of Combat

Director/Producer: David Hutchinson

Cast: Ben Kiyaga

Synopsis: Threatened by the violent aftermath of Kenya’s 2017 elections, a fledgling Aikido sensei ponders whether his martial art can heal old wounds.


The Interpreter

Director: Benito Bautista

Producers: Esperanza Films, Emma Francisco, Benito Bautista, Risa Toyama

Cast: Kumi Takiuchi (Twisted Justice, Greatful Dead), Kai Issey, Eric Joshua Eusebio

Synopsis: Inspired by true events, The Interpreter follows a fledgling love triangle between Jacob, an American man seeking to date a Japanese woman, Hiromi, and Kaito, their Japanese-American interpreter in Tokyo, Japan. As Kaito tries his best to maintain his polite and professional boundaries as a hired third party, his genuine chemistry with Hiromi becomes harder for him to ignore. Bonding with Hiromi over cosplay in their native language feels more real to him than the flirty, but strained interactions Kaito has to connect between Jacob and Hiromi. As Kaito spends more time with the two, he starts to get the unsettling feeling that something is amiss. Someone is not who they seem to be and it is up to Kaito to forgo his backseat role and take action when he realizes manipulation, deceit and danger are in play.



Director: David Bradburn

Producers: David Bradburn & Denice Riddle

Cast: Jahres King, Michael Maley, Jason Erik Zacek, Michael Prado

Synopsis: On his way home from class, a mind-your-own-business type is confronted by two bullies. With flight not an option, he must face them alone, or does he?



Director: Christopher Francis

Producers: Christopher Francis and Nicole Franco

Cast: Nicolas Schilling, Lon Sierra

Synopsis: A rural son learns how to nurture greenhouse plants from his father, and soon realizes that true flourishing of life requires personal risk.


Children's Pool

Director/Producer: Toby Gad

Synopsis: The residents of a San Diego area beach town struggle to agree on a solution to protect the seal pup rookery at the beloved Children's Pool.


Made with Love

Director: Alisia Palczewski

Producers: Lucas Xavier, Lindsey Spiak

Cast: Li-Leng Au (Silent Witness, Doctors, Green Wing), Ilya Leshinsky (Hamachi, Pulse)

Synopsis: As a married couple hikes deeper and deeper into a forest, eerie details of their relationship begin to emerge.

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