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Decisive Moments

These filmmakers take us on a journey inside the hearts and minds of everyday people. Q&A with filmmakers after screening.
Category: Shorts

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90 min.

Q&A with filmmakers after screening


Anna, a middle-aged single mother, lives in a small industrial town in war-torn Eastern Ukraine. Despite not having been out for years, she is lured by a radio advertisement to attend a party of foreign men who are touring the country, searching for love. 

Moscas (Flies)
Almost a romantic comedy... 

Sra, Pepeita, No Rorbar (Mrs. Pepita. Do Not Steal)
Pepita is 89 and lives on her own in her tiny flat in Barcelona. She woke up early today to cook some croquettes and buy gas: the cylinder is almost empty and it is bitterly cold. While she waits for the deliveryman, she gazes out of the window watching life pass by. 

The Name of the Son
A couple in their fifties. The chronicle of a small piece of life, nothing more normal. Except for their obsession: they seem desperately looking for a boy’s name. For whom? What for? A look at a social subject. 

Uncaged: A Stand-In Story
Marco, Nic Cage’s stand-in on 20 films over a decade. Marco talks about his early life as an actor, his journey in the entourage of Nic Cage, and what it was like working in the shadow for one of Hollywood’s Legends of Cinema. 

Waiting Game
A young man puts his life on hold to take care of his ailing father. As they both struggle to connect, he soon realizes he may be the only one putting up the fight. 

Día De Muertos: Lake Pátzcuaro 

Jose Cuervo Tradicional and director Mónica Álvares unveil an intimate look into the story of Lake Pátzcuaro, a remote town in Michoacán, and its Día De Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration. The documentary showcases the holiday through four traditions: harvesting of the marigold flowers, preparation of the pan de muerto (bread of the dead), conversations with fishermen who guide spirits home, and Noche de Muertos (Night of the Dead) – the local community’s festival at Isla de Janitzio.



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