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Strangers in a Stranger Land

These bold shorts defy expectations, ignore boundaries and illustrate the limitlessness of our imaginations. Q&A with filmmakers after screening.
Category: Shorts

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86 min.

Q&A with filmmakers after screening


The Seahorse Trainer

Directors: Babak Bina, Ricardo Bonisoli

Producer: Rodmon Sevilla

Cast: John R. Taylor (known for his role as “Priest” in WATCHMEN)

Synopsis: Enter the surreal and nautical world of Seamour, a lonely old man with a passion for training seahorses. Desperate to have his most prized seahorse perform a highly ambitious trick, the final day of training has come and It’s up to his knowledge and preparation to see the stunt come to life. But when the hourglass turns, Seamour realizes its’ going to be harder than he thought and he must overcome something from his troubled past in order to achieve his magnum opus.


Men of Vision

Director: Frank Todaro

Producers: Robert Fernandez & Dan Levinson (Executive Producers) Laura Heflin (Producer)

Cast: Aaron Serotsky, Bryan Burton, Richard Portnow, Brad Morris, William Aldridge

Synopsis: At the turn of the 20th century, swaggering inventor Hubert Moss is in the midst of a dry spell that threatens to ruin him. Could the young acolyte show shows up at his door be his salvation?


This Time Away

Director: Magali Barbe

Producer: Russell Curtis 

Cast: Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner, The King's Speech, Harry Potter); Jessica Ellerby (Pennyworth, Lovesick)

Synopsis: Nigel is an elderly man living as a recluse, haunted by his past and memory of the family he once had... until an unexpected visitor arrives and disrupts his lonely routine.


Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

Director: Nora Kirkpatrick

Producers: Nora Kirkpatrick, William Day Frank, Nicole Smolen

Cast: Breeda Wool (G.L.O.W), Dominic Bogart (The Birth Of A Nation), Jen Tullock (Casual), Juliet Mills(The Love Boat), Sam Carson (Pineapple Express), DeMorge Brown (Disengaged)

Synopsis: After accidentally tuning to a mysterious late-night radio show, small-town, and sexually repressed woman, NAN (30), calls in to get some answers to her pressing questions about existence, marriage and her purpose on this earth.


The Five Minutes

Director: Shange Zhang

Producers: Yuru Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhang

Cast: Zhan Wang, Eon Song, Demi Ke

Synopsis: A businessman in mourning uses a special telephone booth to have a final talk with his departed wife.


Low Tide

Director: Ian Hunt Duffy

Producer: Simon Doyle

Cast: Steve Wall ("The Witcher", 'Vikings') and Luke Lally

Synopsis: Jack, 10 years old, is excited to head out to sea on a fishing trip with his Dad. But things take a sudden dark turn when his Dad tells him that there is a monster lurking beneath their boat, and insists that Jack must get into the water to face it head on. What Jack sees in the water will change him forever, and the sinister rite of passage will have horrific consequences.


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