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The Steed

Currently representing Mongolia in competition for the best international feature film at the Oscars, THE STEED is an epic story about family, love, devotion and kinship with one's homeland.Q&A after screening.
Category: Feature, Equestrian, Drama, Family

Full Details

Run Time: 1:50


Genre: Equestrian


Director: Erdenebileg Ganbold


Production Company: Three Flames Pictures


Cast: Erdenebileg Ganbold, Vasiliy Mishchenko, Tserendagva Purevdorj 


Synopsis: During the Russian Revolution in Mongolia, a nomad boy begins his journey with his mother’s guidance. She raises him to trust in the only gift she could give him: a horse who becomes his best friend. After being cruelly separated from everything he loves, the boy sets off on a journey to find his steed. An epic story about family, love, devotion and kinship with one's homeland.



For the Love of the Game

Run Time: 6:44

Genre: Drama

Director: Troy Edige

Cast: Shazada Sikander Ul Mulk

Synopsis: In the remote Northern Territories of Pakistan, polo has been a part of life for centuries. As teams from rivalling valleys get ready to meet on the world’s highest polo ground, Chitral leader Sikander Ul Mulk reflects on his long career and the sacrifices he had to make to follow his dreams.

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