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(Un)clear Intentions

Is it real or is it fake? Or just a crafty construction of fantasy...a rabbit-out-of-a-hat. Q&A with filmmakers after screening.
Category: Shorts

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74 min.

Q&A with filmmakers after screening



Director: Sophie B. Jacques

Producers: Sophie Ricard-Harvey, Charlotte Beaudoin-Poisson

Cast: Marilyn Castonguay, Marianne Farley, Joel Marin, Guy Richer

Synopsis: Emilie comes back home after renting her house to complete strangers online. Too bad she will never know what really happened during her absence.


Woman in Stall

Directors/Producers: Madeleine Sims-Fewer & Dusty Mancinelli

Cast: Ben Kerfoot, Madeleine Sims-Fewer

Synopsis: A woman finds herself trapped in a bathroom stall by a man whose intentions are not entirely clear.


At Midnight

Director: Louis Leuci

Producers: Kat Leuci, Rich Tienken

Cast: Michael Raymond Fox, Hannah Elizabeth Smith, Caylan McKay, Nick Callas, Nick Whitmer, Bill Frost, Jacob Crickenberger, Lee Lowrimore, Susan Auten

Synopsis: A wedding becomes suspenseful when it's revealed that certain guests may have criminal intentions.


Mask of Sanity - Máscrara de Cordura

Director: Fran Casanova

Producer: Antonio Gómez-Olea

Cast: Paola Bontempi, Rubén Tobías, Eugenia Verdú 

Synopsis: Elizabeth Grese, a renowned writer for her bestseller "The Killer of the Polaroid", is locked up by a man who will not reveal his identity until the end of the story. Both hands and feet tied, and without water or food, she will try to escape such terrible captivity while trying to find out the reason of her confinement.


Happy Birthday

Director: Mustafa Toby Eck

Producers: Adam Makary, Omar Al Dakheel, Mustafa Toby Eck

Cast: Dustyn Gulledge, Vishesh Chachra, Gia Bay, Celia Massingham.

Synopsis: Vince assumes the worse case scenario at every turn until he’s desperate for some silver lining. 


Washed Away 

Director: Ben Kallam

Producer: Maria Altamirano

Cast: Tatiana Harman, Maxwell Ross

Synopsis: A teenage girl in an evangelical church youth group must deal with the fallout when her trust is publicly betrayed.

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