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Animation Filmmaking

Experience the best in narrative and experimental animation, these fresh talents will amaze you. Q&A WITH FILMMAKERS FOLLOWING SCREENING



VIP FEST PASS. Designed for the film lover that wants it all… movies, parties and the VIP treatment. 

PASS INCLUDES: Film Screenings, Studio Premieres & Panels 
Parties! Opening Night Film & After Party, Friday Night Party, Filmmaker Awards Ceremony & Party
Culinary Cinema
Valet Parking at Festival Venues, VIP Priority Line Access, VIP Lounge, Advanced reservations for films & events, complimentary drinks, cocktail & snacks, Flash Your Pass Discounts

*Does NOT Include Night of the Stars Tribute a separate ticket may be purchased for this event. 


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73 min. 

Experience the best in narrative and experimental animation, these fresh talents will amaze you.


Fire in Cardboard City

Director: Phil Brough

Producers: Orlando Stewart, Matt Heath

Cast: Leigh Hart, Anna Hall, Ella Wilks

Synopsis: Cardboard City is on Fire! The worst thing that could possibly happen has happened. Only Fire Chief John McCard and his trusty deputies can save the citizens of Cardboard City from annihilation. 



Director: Trevor Jimenez

Producer: Jeremy Slome

Cast: Jennifer Ceci, Jerome Ranft, Bonnie Tai, Krista Sheffler

Synopsis: The story of a young boy shuffling between the homes of his recently divorced parents. Surreal, dream-like moments mix with the domestic realities of a broken up family in this hand-animated film set in 1980's Toronto. 

The Driver is Red

Director: Randall Christopher

Producer: Jared Callahan, Randall Christopher, Spencer Rabin

Cast: Mark Pinter

Synopsis: Set in Argentina 1960, this true crime documentary follows the story of secret agent Zvi Aharoni as he hunted down one of the highest ranking Nazi war criminals on the run.  

The Hermit

Director: Raúl Díez

Producers: Daniel Díez And Raúl Díez

Synopsis: In a stormy, arid world, where life is practically impossible, which had been the stage of cruel battles but now one can only hear whistling and Kabuki percussion”… the metamorphosis begins: an errant warrior, half-man and half-insect, starts to change in order to survive and communicate.


Two Balloons

Director: Mark C. Smith

Producer: Mark C. Smith

Cast: N/A (puppets)

Synopsis: Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.



Directors: Rachel Kral and Sagar Arun

Producer: Ringling College of Art and Design

Cast: Raul Ceballos

Synopsis: When Owl Guy, a retro superhero with a heart of gold, meets his angsty rebooted counterpart, chaos ensues. 


First Comes Love

Director: Daniel Ceballos

Producer: Ringling College of Art and Design

Cast: Sara Downs, Daniel Ceballos

Synopsis: A shy boy, Eric, is dragged through stages of “marriage” by an obsessive girl, Zoey, all through the course of their Kindergarten recess.


One Small Step

Directors: Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas

Producer: Shaofu Zhang

Cast: Joy Johnson = CG Supervisor, Andrew Jennings = Head of Pipeline, Erik Lee = Animation Supervisor, Steve Horner = Music Composer, Gaoshang Zhang = Lighting Lead, Daiyi Zhou = Accounting & Finance, Brandie Braxton = Production & Logistics

Synopsis: Luna is a vibrant young Chinese American girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut. From the day she witnesses a rocket launching into space on TV, Luna is driven to reach for the stars. In the big city, Luna lives with her loving father Chu, who supports her with a humble shoe repair business he runs out of his garage. As Luna grows up, she enters college, facing adversity of all kinds in pursuit of her dreams.

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